Friday, October 5, 2012

Chop Cult Feature on the Shovelhead

Head over to Chop Cult to check out a great feature they posted about the shovel.  Thank you to everyone whose hands, minds, and conversations have touched this bike. (and will continue to!)

Great pictures taken by Bill Bryant while we were on the Gypsy Run 6(66).

When I started the whole build, I wasn't sure what direction to go in.  It began by going in a very tight, narrow, low with high pegs sort of feel.  Honestly similar in feel to a combination of my old sportster, Chris's panhead, Kim's Panhead and his sportster.  (if that makes sense).  Let's be honest, I never planned to have FORWARD CONTROLS, yikes!  Then Chris found these tins at the swap and I had to have them.  From there, it was honestly wanting to build a bike that looked like a David Mann painting from the 80's issues of Easyriders magazines.  It was not to be period correct or be super hip...I mean come on, its a cone shovel, its a late 70's motor that came in a swing arm frame, with the shittiest version of Harley's 4 speed trannies, but I wanted to have a bike that reflected what people did with these bikes throughout the 80's.   It wasn't supposed to be a 60's period bike.  I'm pretty happy with what wound up "building itself".  I just need a mullet now.

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