Saturday, February 9, 2013

Schott Aged Perfecto for Sale NEW

I recently purchased this Schott Perfecto 626VN at the Schott Pop-Up shop in Soho.  Made in America, New Jersey to be exact at Schott's factory, its an aged version of the classic 618 in a washed leather.  It started its life as the Perfecto 626 and is then fully washed and dried at Schott.  It is similar to the colab line they did for Barney's last year as well as the 618V1 which retails for $900 on Schott's website.  All of the hardware is aged and has really nice patina and the lining is nice and soft as well.

The only difference that was noted to me is that the version for Barneys had the Brass zippers where this one has the nickel colored one, but again since it has been washed has suck nice finish.

The size is XL, it fits tighter than a 626 in Large since it is washed and dried.  Below all of the detailed pictures of the jacket you can see a comparison of my size 40 618 Perfecto (which is the standard biker jacket fit) and this one.  About 2-2.5 inches longer and the body fits only a smidge bigger than the size 40, probably similar to a 42 without being super baggy.

Tags are in the pcket of the jacket.  They were removed, and it was only worn 3 times, not on the bike.

Asking $500 for a $650 jacket.  And again, if you compare it to the 618V1 or the Barney's edition that retail for $900, its a great deal.  mattlandman@gmail.com or text 760-213-5366


POPS said...

Hey just a very quick question I'm thinking about buying a 626 jacket or 626 vintage... I am around 187 lbs and I measure 186 ft so I usually wear a L size ... Any advice between size L or Xlmin the 626 model ? I live in France and if I want a 626 I will have to order it in US... So I don't want to make a mistake with the size.... Thanks by advance ...
Vincent, Paris, Frnce

POPS said...

Sorry I made a mistake it is 6.1 ft (equal to 186 cm) havé à Nice Day :-)

Nick said...

Going by the assumption that photo 8 is you in the size 40 618, and photo 9 is you wearing the XL 626VN, I can't help but notice that the 618 looks miles better on you! The sleeves and body of the jacket are a far better length, whereas the 626 looks a little long for a biker jacket. How do you find the difference in how fitted/baggy the arms are on the two jackets? Looking at these photos, I think I'll be more inclined to order the 618 in a size down than the 626.