Monday, January 4, 2010

Keeps fiddling with it

Here are some changes made on new years day.

Some BMX inspired chumps bars
Welded on a seat bracket and mounted up a swap meet find west eagle seat

Thanks to Chris for the help with the welding!


Stone said...

I'm backing this set up, hombre.

LandMan said...

its a pretty big change in how much more control i feel that i have with these bars vs. others i've used. leaning into turns is easier for sure AND i feel the lines flow better now. Just going to work on narrowing them a bit more.

nick said...

backin the bike hard with the new setup matt. great work

Stone said...

If you're likin' the control of the new bars, why would you narrow 'em? Despite what current trends might lead one to believe, a little leverage is a good thing.
They look sick as they are, Mister.

LandMan said...

just for comfort. i've got some narrow shoulders, son! i think its the overall shape thats giving the control. i just find myself grabbing about an inch further in on the bars when I ride out of habit/comfort. but i hear ya.

Stone said...

Word up, brah.
By the way, have I told you lately that I love you?