Wednesday, April 8, 2009

wednesday is locals night

super busy week. Leigh Anne's dad was in town and stayed with us Monday and Tuesday night. Its always good to catch up and sort of a nice thing to have parents stay at our house when they're travelling out this way for work. Role reversal a bit....? It's nice. Thanks for the good times and the dinners and ice cream Ray.

Tonight, Chris is trying to get this wednesday locals night going at Hensley's so hopefully I won't be at the office too late. Check out the details here.

Scored a helmet today from Joel and Mary at Vintage Klass. This is my second helmet from them and they are just the coolest cats. Nice to see a couple that loves to work together and follow their passion together!

I've been looking for a vintage full face helmet lately. Just been on my mind that its gotta be slightly safer than the open face for my longer trips and commutes and once I get thoughts like that in my brain, it just has to happen. Every turn I made riding yesterday I was like, "whoa....I really should have a full face 'just in case'.....".

pretty stoked. Wasn't sure on the America colorway, but its pure Evel Knievel style. go ahead, google image search Evel's helmet.

Next up is Brother Jon who has been in LA all week for meetings, but is taking a few days out of his busy Jersey life to spend time with his brother and sister in law. Padres game tomorrow....

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CPB said...

That HELMET is AMAZING! It's like you transformed into the super hero that you always were!