Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday to the Hide-away

Carter and I took a short little moto trip out to Lake Hodges to grab some nachos and a beer while enjoying the great sunny easter day.

Turns out that the Hernandez Hideaway was closed by the time we got there, which was a bummer, but we checked out the lake and then decided to try to just hit up a bar in Rancho Santa Fe for a white wine spritzer instead. (i think that's what they drink in Rancho...)

Well on our way back, Carter rode through a swarm of bees and somehow, someway, one got into his helmet and into his EAR!!! All of a sudden, I'm following him, see a spray of bees around him and he just starts shaking and twitching while riding, trying to pull over safely. Finally he does, rips the helmet off and lo and behold, BEE IN THE EAR. in the fucking ear......it stung him on his middle lobe and decided to die there. It easily fell right out when he turned his head and after a few choice words, we continued on our trek. Nothing open in Rancho Santa Fe, so we rode some crazy windy (read: fun) roads to Solana Beach to Chiefs where we finally settled down for a few beers and nachos.

overall, a successful trip. Dustin you were severely missed.

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