Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bummed and stoked

both at the same time??? yep.

Bummed that I'll be missing The Bash this weekend. It's been a good year for motorcycles for me. From the Encinitas late nights in the garages breaking stuff, to a few great road trips along the way and met some great people with tons of inspiration.

Be sure to follow Jake on his adventure from SLC to the event this weekend. I would have loved to have gone away this weekend up to Hemet and just do it up full camping style, but.....

Stoked that I'm heading to Sayulita, Mexico for some fun in the sun and lots of surfing, tequila, and not working. This will be an amazing time. good friends, good times to come for sure. Derek and Stephanie are getting married soon so this is his little bachelor weekend. I'm sure there will be the usual things that happen at these events like sleeping in, sharing stories and gossip, going to sleep early and relaxing.....wait...errrrrr. Nah, it'll be surfing till we can't move anymore following by drinking till we can't move anymore.

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