Monday, August 1, 2011

welcome back to the working week

the weekend proved to be nice and stress-free. hopefully it was the same for you. saturday started off with brunch with mom in Brooklyn. she trekked in from the 'burbs and it was great to catch up. then, it was off to Manhattan in the afternoon to meet up with the upper east siders in my life and had some good times at Vol de Nuit. If you're looking for a good spot for great belgian beers in the west village, head on over. Tell them I sent ya. Then headed to Plug Uglies for some tabletop shuffleboard and less-belgian-y beers....

saw this great van parked outside the apartment...

and even took the sporty out for a ride around the block, if you know what I mean...and you do. came across this 'first edition' benchmark points cover in my toolbox that used to grace my 06 sportster. removed before I sold it so that one day I could pawn it on ebay when Kim is famous.

oh and of course, I was at Rockaway to get some beach action in. No waves, but still got all sandy and swam a bunch. like I said, drama free and ready for action.

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