Friday, August 19, 2011

Gorilla USA - I love shoes and Fridays

Its no secret that I love shoes/boots/footwear, etc...It used to be AirMax 90's, then Dunks, then Vans, then RedWings, then New Balance, and the list goes on. One of my new favorites is Gorilla which I still believe are out of Worcester, MA.

Made in USA shoes and boots that are built to last, be re-soled and stay with you for the long haul.

these are the ones that I've been rocking. I mean, come on, everyone needs a pair of blue suede shoes. Especially with leather soles.

Other than that, its another Friday. The shovel is on its way to NYC and should be here by next Thursday, and I can't wait for that. Plans for the weekend? probably. maybe some jersey? some Hoboken to meet up with friends and then down to central jersey and Philly? sounds pretty good.

OH, and Saturday morning if you're in Brooklyn and you love cars, motorcycles and Rockabilly. (basically, if you love SoCal....haha), come and check out the Rumblers 11th annual show. WE'll be there.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, love those chukkas. I haven't heard about that brand and was about to buy that exact pair from Neiman Marcus. I was looking for more information on the brand but their website is down. Is that a high quality pair of shoes?

theoldepro said...

Hey, yeah, they are great shoes. From the stitched soles to the super comfy footbeds and all the little details. They are shoes but made to work boot specs. they look much fancier than they actually 'feel'. not sure why their website is down.