Friday, August 12, 2011

more pics from my work day

with a work meeting being called at our site in Parsippany, NJ, it was a perfect opportunity to take the sportster out for a little spin. I love living in Brooklyn, and being in NYC, but nothing beats getting out of the city when the sun is out and enjoying the great roads of the east coast. wait, the highways actually suck for the most part....especially 78. Its like they installed ejector bumps every 30 feet! seriously, they need to take some notes from THE 78.

but once you're off the highways, the local roads really are unbeatable. Tree lined and covered streets, white picket fences, the smell of BBQ's and the sounds of nature are hard to beat.

back to reality and the highway of doom.

halfway over the Manhattan bridge looking at downtown/Fort Greene BK.

riding over DUMBO. the place not the elephant. although that elephant is pretty awesome too.

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