Thursday, August 18, 2011

the Great Salt Lake and Pangea Speed

Looks like Andy has been up to some fun stuff lately, and with his Born Free build done, I'm sure he is looking for more work to do! One of these little projects being a facelift to our great friend Nate's big twin. The bike was originally bought from a great small boutique builder, but I'm not sure if Nate and the bike ever really gelled.

I know from first hand experience that the bike was impossible to turn at speed. It sat so low, that the floor boards would scrape through every traffic light turn. I'm pretty sure last time I was out in SLC, I fully skidded through a sharp turn on the floor board in the front and rear tire in the back....not a fun feeling.

Either way, some paint here, bars there, seat over there, lengthening the front end by 3" and a few other little secret tweaks and this bike is begging for a road trip.

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