Saturday, August 27, 2011

tail light bandwagon - the xyzal light

after all of the excitement around making some sweet little tail lights around the blogosphere, I figured I'd get started on one that I had been kicking around a bit. I had originally planned on working on it while I was in socal right before Born Free, but there were way too many other priorities and only so much Mt. Dew, Burritos, and time to get things done.

Cut, Grid, File, Clean, Polish, Prep, Cut, Make Gasket, Assemble. Now just need to get a small piece of metal mesh to cover the LEDs, some nice screws and some more polishing. Last step is to decide if it will go on the shovel (and if it does, a nice little mount for it) OR if it will get donated to someone else's bike.

Time will tell. But it was a nice way to spend the day prepping for the big hur-a-can-do.

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