Thursday, July 30, 2009

new 7 series

BMW re-tooled their 7 series line, and today a buddy of ours in Laguna came by with one he just sold. He's a salesman for BMW up here so he gets to watch people drop loot on these things all day. This particular car's sticker price was $99,940.00

looks like they finally nailed the perfect mix of the LAST 5 series profile with the newer BMW lines. By the way this one was the 750Li which is the long body version of the car. Definitely made for the guy who has a driver that gets him from point A to point B while said owner sits in the back seat.

speaking of back seats....

Matias is modeling the amazing leg room that these long body versions have. Note that he is 6'2" and is fully lounging out and still isn't touching the seat in front of him.

new features that blew me away were:
Peek a boo cameras that look around blind corners for you automatically when you're about to pull onto a street.

Turning Rear Wheels allowing the car to have a better turning radius than my Mazda 3

Updated iDrive system that is easier to use

Blind Spot and Lane Change cameras and notifying system. When the car senses a car in your blind spot when you put your turn signal on, it vibrates the steering wheel and a yellow hazard light turns on on the rear view mirror. When you start to veer in a lane, same thing happens....steering wheel vibrates to let your driver know "hey buddy, your precious cargo is in jeopardy due to your falling asleep behind the wheel..."

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