Friday, July 24, 2009

new chair

Heading to Palm Springs this weekend with the wifey, Brother Jon and sister in law Casey. we will hopefully get some good pool time, relaxation, heat, furniture shopping and house/architecture nerding on.

As a precursor to our little trip, this...

is now in our living room. ok, ok, its not really an Eames, but it is from the 70's and it is a beautiful shade of olive/brown and the plywood is in great condition. and sure maybe we'll find something similar this weekend, but this gem was waiting for me in Oceanside.

I've always lusted over the reissue of the Eames version by Herman Miller, but dropping $3,500 on a chair and ottoman just doesn't sit well with me. Plus most people who know me know that I'd rather buy preowned wherever I can in order to be reusing things that someone has already brought into this world and discarded. New is cool, but 'finding' used things and taking them into your home is where I think its at. Whether it be furniture, bicycles, cars, motorcycles, or houses even, its hard to beat the economics of buying things that have been preowned and given them a new life....

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