Monday, July 27, 2009

strange twist of luck

so, i may have landed the deal of a lifetime....no, i did.

Palm Springs is home to the Design Within Reach Annex store, which has a bunch of overstock, returned items.....and I guess it was all meant to be that in the corner of the back room, I came upon a beautiful Walnut Wood and WHITE leather Eames Lounge Chair. Yes the real version of the copy I bought last week. No footstool for it, just the chair.

It has some damage as the backrest was unfortunately disconnected from the armrest area, but this is totally fixable. Just some proper epoxy and maybe a called to Hume Modern for their tips as I'm sure this is an issue that DOES happen from time to time....

I'll post pictures tomorrow of my new project.


BCM said...

I have the repop chair & ottoman I picked up from an office furniture sale on ebay for close to 2G's, it was perfect when I got it but after a couple years use the back snapped (or came unglued) from the arm rests. I contact Herman miller and ended up taking it apart to send as little as possible and they repaired it. However they use some parts/connecting pad deals that were way different and better than the bits it came with. It was worth doing for sure, it's stronger and I'm thinking the problem may have been an original manufacturing flaw.
Good score.

LandMan said...

good taste, my good man.....in doing some research, it seems like this is a bit of a common occurrence. I'll hit up Herman Miller to see what they have to say about the repair and compare it to the Hume Modern guy's quote and method.

this one was manufactured in 2007 and I'm guessing it was returned to DWR where it just sat. I wound up paying $375 for it. C.R.A.Z.Y. they just wanted it outta there. it was marked at $500 and i gave them a go/no go for 375. i was shaking from excitement.

I can't wait to have it in the house. No I just gotta sell the Plycraft one that's currently in my living room.