Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hansel has nothing on me

so during our road trip from Vegas back to soCal, we decided to take a sweet detour through the desert and up and over Big Bear Lake. It was great to see that spot when there's no snow and the lake looked beautiful. We took some time to pull over and take a dip in the lake.

Being that I was 100% committed to my newly purchased leather vest the whole trip, despite wearing it through the 114 degree desert heat at 80mph when I probably should have shed that layer of extra animal skin, it was only fitting that I wore the vest into the lake.

Of course the combination of a leather vest, a lake, swimming, no swim trunks, and aprofessional photographer only means trouble, and in this case trouble is dead sexy....I present to you (as mortifying as this may seem) the new ad campaign for the newest parfum from BoltsAction scents entitled BEAR:

I'm pretty sure BEAR will be one of Jeremy's official sponsors for this year so look out for some of these stickers on his board in all next year's snow mags!

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