Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I am slow at times. I am usually late. Wherever, whenever. I guess I could say I'm consistent at least. My mom used to mock me when I was young saying "you only have two speeds, SLOW and STOP", which was usually related to the trek from the car to the lodge when going skiing at Mt. Snow when I was carrying my skis, poles and boot bag.

Not that I'm scarred from it at all, but mayb
e I'm late on purpose subconciously now? I mean skis (2 of them), poles (2 of them) and my ski boots, hat, goggles, gloves, lunch in a boot bag is alot of stuff for a kid.....Maybe I was just a wimp.

Well, anyways, looks like the boys captured my continual lagging in this photo. Not only holding up the rear, but holding it up by a long shot. So, I took the liberty to correct the photo to make me look less like a slacker and more a part of the group. I prefer the second version:

The Truth:

How it seemed IN MY HEAD:

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