Tuesday, July 7, 2009

made it back

it was a great little run out to Vegas and back to meet up with the Onward Westward crew from SLC. Super glad I went and as always made some long lasting friendships with great people.

Some great quotes went down during the few days we spent together and I've highlighted them below:

man, my kickstand was scraping every time I made a left turn down the mountain.... (me to Stone) "well, you gotta break it in somehow..." - Stone

"as much as I like hanging out with you guys and standing around here, we should probably hit the road" - Jeremy

"is yours a 383 also?" - Jeremy

"i just want to warn you, I have some gnarly tan lines" - Hime

"i'm not making any more decisions this whole trip" - Jake

There were a lot more and even just some one-word quotes that were amazing as well. I can say yet again, that I wind up laughing so hard during these motorcycle road trips because you spend so much time traveling without being able to say a word to ANYONE that when you finally sit down, and start to have a conversation, the craziest shit comes out.....

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Stone said...

Dude, Landman...
So fucking good. Stoked to finally meet up, even more stoked to jam with y'all. Your whole crew was rad, I love you all, and I want to keep you in my pockets.
The swim apparel ads that we shot in Big Bear will be coming soon, although I know that we're just way too forward thinking... it's gonna be a tough sell, gettin' that kit on EVERY man in America. Community pools in Flint, Michigan, watch out... there's a new steez blowin' your way...