Sunday, July 19, 2009

weekend check list

seems simple enough:

1. cut down frisco bars to be 5" narrower overall
2. remove all electrical controls from bars
3. trip/crop/cut electrical wires
4. make sure lights work and bike starts
5. relocate starter/lights/horn with new switches
6. install new throttle
7. cut 'ball ends' off of clutch and front brake levers
8. put it all back together
9. repeat step 4
10. go for a ride

ran into the following issues:

1. throttle holes for cables didn't line up with my throttle cable
2. had to drill out new holes to fit
3. after cutting width off friscos, throttle wouldn't turn because the bars weren't perfectly round at the narrow width due to the fact that the bars have the dimples for stock controls.
4. drove to Chris's house to get a set of the new frisco's which have a 6" rise instead of mine that have the 8" or 9" rise. his were already cut down nice and narrow and do work withe the throttle.
5. front brake lever needed some internal grinding due to interference with new throttle housing
6. throttle cable came disconnected a the carb.
7. remove air cleaner, remove carb, remove gas tank, to get to the throttle at the engine.
8. reconnect throttle cable.
9. do the opposite of #7.
10. reconnected the old switches without their housings just wire tied to the frame. didn't have time to get new switches yesterday because we were busy with a wedding.

BUT, bike starts and runs. it works and the bars are a lot cleaner looking and nice and narrow. I do miss the taller rise of the older friscos, but I figure I can always just get a set of the old ones that don't have the dimples OR just "make" mine round where they need to be.

profile shot:

view of the bars without switches:


nick said...

my man, i love your bike, so rad. the back fender kills it, bravo. i may have to bite your ideas for my own bike.

LandMan said...

nick, its all borrowed ideas. to be honest, I've gotten a lot of inspiration from these two: http://boylecomm.blogspot.com/2009/05/mule-v20.html which was built by Kim Boyle of BCM and then T-Bone's bike here noisefastloudhard.blogspot.com . Its all about seeing rad stuff and figuring out how it was done and how to adapt it your style....enjoy and send pics of your bike.

nick said...

i hear ya man; its so rad to see how folks setup their scoots. my own is right here http://talesfromthepunchbowl.blogspot.com/2009/06/update.html
its changed a bit since then, but the overall scheme is pretty close. if its cool i threw your bike on my blog as well, just really diggin it so i thought it would be rad to feature the ride. feel free to check it out http://talesfromthepunchbowl.blogspot.com/
take it ezy

LandMan said...

AND big thanks to Chris from Biltwell and Duke for constantly putting up with me stopping over to grab stuff from the garage! even when they are trying to leave for dinner...