Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Skinny Rear Tire

I've never been much of a whitewall tire guy, in fact when I told Kim about putting the new tire on, his only email response was "WHITEWALL???" But Chris and I were talking about new tire options for my sporty and he brought this one up.....I thought it actually might look good with the white stripe around my tank as well and went for it. So this morning, I took the rear wheel off, brought it down to English Tony's in Oceanside to have them put the new tire and tube on and I put the wheel back on when I got home.

Needless to say, I'm stoked. Looks WAY better than that fat 150 width tire.

This one is a 130/90 or MT90 as they call it, not sure which is the 'real' way to measure the tires anyway. to simplify, stock tire is about 6" wide and this one is 5" wide. Other big difference is the stock tire is super rounded so you see just how wide it is whereas the more vintage style of the new tire is more squared and boxy so it looks even more narrow that 5". make sense? sorta? me too....

Its funny how the smallest changes can make a big difference.

oh and the puddle of water was from washing the blue paint off of the white walls. that was fun to remove.


Stone said...

Looks good... way to choose fashion over function.
(that's sarcasm... ask Hobbs about it.)

(p.s. - word verification is "sworse"... as in, "S'worse, performance-wise - why would you do it?")

LandMan said...

its not all about horsepower and making tight turns....sometimes its gotta be about "feelin' good". nah, i just never thought the GSXR tire belonged on a harley....

Stone said...

But... if it's on a GSXR, it's on there cause it works. We HD guys can learn a lot from the GSXR.