Monday, August 17, 2009

a REAL concern at work

upon our new candidate for the open accounting position's departure from the office I noticed that she was good looking. I'm not being weird about that, she was blonde, pretty, tall, whatever, I guess kinda the standard so-cal looking chick. (and everyone knows I'm into redheads anyways...)

BUT then the phone rang at Carl's desk. It was our head of accounting calling Carl from her desk upstairs. Here is the conversation in a nutshell.

S - "so Carl, did you see the last candidate that I just interviewed?"
Carl - "ummmm, yeah...why"
S - "well....she's really qualified, one of the best we've met with. and she has a great personality and I think she would be a great fit"
Carl - "ok, she was really pretty so you should just hire her then...(laughing) just kidding, what's up?"
S - "that's my concern. Is she too good looking? Will she be a distraction here in the office?"
Carl - "uhhhhh, what? i've never really thought about that....."
followed by a moment of silence....

Kinda weird right?

I wonder if they had the same conversation after I left my interview...

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Stone said...

Once upon a time I was a hotshot photographer in a shit town University's marketing department.
I had input as to who was hired to do my archiving/secretarial/random duties.
I never hired men with beards.
I always did my best to choose the most attractive candidate.
Because I'm an asshole.
I didn't want to touch them, I didn't want them to love me. I usually treated them like shit, because if you're a "co-worker", odds are I'll treat you like shit. Because I am obviously right, and you are so obviously fucking wrong... that's my "office" mantra.
But, when work sucks, it's so much nicer if the person you're yelling at is at least good looking.
Softens the blow a bit.
This has nothing to do with your post, really...
But I thought I'd share.
Maybe just pass that along. Your all married and responsible. This just makes it so you don't have to hide a Maxim calendar in your desk anymore...