Monday, September 1, 2008

Die Big Trip (the big trip, come on now..)

so here we go.....off on another jaunt for work.  I feel lucky to be able to travel for work, seeing new, old, and amazing places.  I just hate getting there. 

But travelling alot by aeroplane does have its advantages at times.  Racking up those miles, getting the status level up there, finding every single airport lounge,  and meeting important people who have important powerful jobs in the airline industry is what its all about.

This trip was no different.  I bought my usual regular economy ticket with the hopes that my systemwide upgrade would get me to business class for my LA to Frankfurt flight.  When it didn't go through right away, I dropped an email to a guy I met on a flight back from Frankfurt to LA that happens to be in charge of premium seating for United.  

Mr. Mark wrote me back telling me he'd keep an eye out on my uprgrade and make sure it went through, and it did.  Then, when I got on the plane and thanked him he told to wait a second....."ok" i thought this could be good, or bad....

he came back and then escorted me from Business Class to First Class....YES!!!! my own little pod for the 10 hour flight.  sweetness....now I only wish i actually could have slept the whole time.  Flight was bumpy, and I got an upset stomache on the flight.  not terrible but tons of gas was passed!

now the crappy part of the beginning of my trip...realizing that I left my digital camera plugged into the charger on my desk at home.  UGH.  so for now, its all going to have to be iphone pictures until I buy a new digital camera that becomes the company digi cam at crankbrothers today!  hopefully....

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