Sunday, September 14, 2008

Biondi - iphone picture post

man, so much to post about can't settle down!  between internet outtages and travel to different countries, I feel like I have no idea what day it is or where I am......here's some stuff to get you through your day!

On this past friday, I went to the offices of the infamous Alberto Del Biondi, shoe and product designer.  This guy LOVES BLACK.  more than anyone I know.  Everything is black in the office.  Black wall surrounding the office, Black rock garden surrounding the building, Black tables, Black chairs, just keep looking...

the black rock garden in between the outside black wall and the office entrance

the black couches lamps and side tables in the courtyard

the black toilet paper, yes BLACK toilet paper

black table, black chairs lunch spread for us.  note the red wine with lunch.  Italian style.

exiting the compound through the black steel sliding doors.

it was a great meeting, reviewing samples of the next Brooks bags and accessories.  They have some really talented designers and great people as well....even if they don't speak much english.  I guess i need to take some Italian classes at Cal State San Marcos this semester.....


Anonymous said...

Jake Hobbs would sport a Flash-boner on all this black.

LandMan said...

true dat.