Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dance Party!

well, not really, but this is a good one that i wish I had a first person perspective camera for....(if you're listening, put that on the christmukah list, even though it doesn't really exist)

so, at Eurobike, on the final night they have big party (plural, read in german accent).  SRAM was throwing a free hamburgers and all you can drink beer party in the atrium of the convention center and then the official Eurobike sponsored even was in the center courtyard.  The SRAM party had some sweet world music band playing early on and after they ran out of hamburgers, we vacated the premises.

Then it was off to the outdoor Eurobike party.  Rain, rain and more rain, but once that German cover band started, there was no stopping the party.  Jason, Andy, Christina and I were ripping it up on the dance floor/2" deep pool of rain/sludge water and soon enough, the euros followed suit.  Once they kicked in with 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and went right into 'Run to the Hills', we knew it would be a night to remember.  

I wish I had pictures of all of this, but I admittedly don't.  The next activity was dubbed, "dude, throw your empty cup at the band...".  This game was FUN.  It was also followed by a thing conducted by some guy on stage called "hey, these are musicians up here performing and risking getting electrocuted for you.  are you going to pay for their instruments if you break them?".  that was fun, but followed by the crowd's own game called "YEAHHHHHHH"

Finally, we left, and headed back to the SRAM party.  I decided it was time to liven up the place so I hopped on stage with the DJ and started playing the bongos and timbales with him.  then i moved to the front of the stage to get some dance moves going with the crowd.  What followed next was incredible.  Christina from crankbrothers hopped up on stage and grabbed the tambourine, some other Euro Dudes jumped on the percussion and I just had to grab the mic and yell....


and when I pointed to the crowd, people started jumping into the fountain and it went off.  fun night it was.

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