Wednesday, September 24, 2008

oktoberf....septemberfest? in Cincinnatti

As if travelling around Europe and spending 2 weeks in Germany wasn't enough....when Leigh and I were in Cincinnatti, it turned out to be their Oktoberfest in Zinzinnatti....crazy.

I just can't escape pretzels, beers, DAS BOOT, and the naked cowboy....(what???? what was that last one...yeah, naked cowboy in Cincinatti...)

yes, das boot does exist....

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heddacee said...

In Germany, Oktoberfest always starts in September and goes to the first Sunday in October--running an average of about 16 days. This year,it's September 20th-October 5th. Maybe next year's big Europe trip can be scheduled accordingly? Tom and I are hoping to make it to Munich 2009!