Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brussels, Sprouts

Ok, ok, so I am only 2 days behind in updating this blog with where I really am.

Brussels is an amazing city.  Really cool architecture.  Old buildings mixed with art deco details, columns with square and rectangular cutouts.

One of the coolest things was happening upon an artshow called "Its Not Only Rock n Roll Baby"

It was an artshow featuring artwork by musicians such as:
Brian Eno
Yoko Ono
David Byrne
Pete Doherty
and more..

it was especially cool to see this 10 foot tall David Byrne piece painted directly on the wall.  Knowing he stood there and did it for this great show is radical.  Rhode Island pride!

Other than that, I saw an 883R which was crazy...who has that bike, anyways?

and what the hell is Indian Tonic, just a new way for Euros to be racist???? i dunno....

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