Wednesday, September 3, 2008

situational scenarios

I admire europeans.....well, not as a general rule, but the fact that they always do things that make me laugh, cheer, or say WTF??? so easily and so much.  Upon walking down the little streets of Friedrichshafen, we stumbled upon the hotel in the picture above...."well, Matt, is that where you are staying?", you ask.....not this time, but next trip, DEFINITELY.

As we continue our tour of the city we stumbled upon some amazing merchandising in an eyeglasses store.  I mean, this is some good stuff.  Really ahead of the curve.  check it out below:

OK, OK, this post is boring you, but I'm telling you, its really not.  Next on our list of places to visit was a great japanese restaurant.  I was especially excited for this.  After all what can be better in a landlocked country than Sushi??  Yeah, right, i wasn't about to step foot into this place, not after I saw the sign....Running - Sushi - Restaurant....WTF??? (there you go

The last stop on our tour led us to a beautiful jewelry store.  I had to have Andrew pose in front of this one....he really didn't mind and in fact "struck a pose" that was very fitting.

Yes, that is my boss....

so 2 full days in and I'm feeling ok.  Hopefully I'll sleep straight through the night, but the espresso I had at 11PM is starting to kick in.....

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