Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boot Week - Day Two - Walter Gemeinhardt

yes, its true, that's how you spell his last name. Walter has the trickiest last name in the book.....or at least I've always thought so. And if you're in Jersey, you need to look him up and go check out the new Kick Start Cycle Supply shop! his blog is a daily regular for me as well.

Walter is an amazing guy who is CONSTANTLY doing everything he can for the NY/NJ scene. He supports the events, throws some great ones himself and is one of the most supportive dudes out there. Just don't cross him...or look at him funny.....or ride like an asshole. because he will call you on it, and it won't be pretty. mostly, he's just a teddy bear though. (unless you try to hug him like one)

Here's what he had to say about his weapon of choice...

Model: Red Wing Motorcycle Boot

"Well made, once broken in like wearing slippers that you can kick in a door with."

well stated I think.