Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boot Week - Day Th3ree - Malcolm Giblin

our third day takes us to the feet of a California transplant now living in the Bronx. I met Malcom on the Di Enda Run out to Montauk this past September. He was just ripping around on his 96" S&S rigid with the frisco mounted wassell tank and grey paint job. OH, and his camera constantly out, perfectly sketchy. He was previously on the Hopper Mag roster, but recently decided to just do his own thing and started up this little blog. that's probably what everyone loves about Malc, he marches to the beat of his own drummer. because he wants to.

Model: Thorogood Plain Toe 814-4009

"These are my work boots. They're Thorogoods (owned by Weinbrenner USA*) and they're pretty nifty boots to wear while stumbling around construction sites. These are Waterproof and Insulated, and if I ever felt like proving how macho I am to a bunch of people I don't know by riding my bike thru rain, sleet, and snow ---- THESE are the boots I'd wear while riding through said shitty weather and taking pictures to post on a Biker Blog."

"Unfortunately, I'm more concerned with how cool my shifter lever looks (i.e. a short forged cam lever with "BEAVER" written on it) which in turn prevents me from riding comfortably with boots. So I throw caution to the wind, and ride with those black California Biker Slippers (AKA Vans) pictured in the background."

*quick edit and info from Matt. while these boots may look similar to some of another brand's offerings, Weinbrenner USA is older than Red Wing and all of their American Heritage boots are union made here in the USA and for a retail price easier to swallow than Red Wings.

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motoguru. said...

I need those JJ vans! Somebody stole mine :(