Saturday, January 29, 2011

Boot Week - Day 4 - my boots?

OK, so 2 weekdays went without a post for a posting series called "____ week". there ARE seven days in the week though! I'm even taking time to post on the O.G. sabbath, saturday.

I hadn't planned on posting pictures of my boots, but since a few people have spaced on sending me the pics of theirs, I figured "why not.....i've obsessed over this shit long enough to be able to post them"

Model: Red Wing 877

I've had the standard 6" high boots before, but upon this go around, I really wanted something a bit higher that would get me through the winter and be able to worn on the motorcycle. These fit the bill at 8" high and the tongue is connected inside the boot up to the second to last eyelet so no rain or snow is getting in these puppies.

Plus, the extra height may help protect from road debris, or the occasional digital elph camera to the shin that I experienced a few years ago.

There's a great workwear shop called Frankel's in Brooklyn that carries Red Wing, Thorogood, Weinbrenner, and pretty much every other brand of top quality footwear as well as Carhartt, and Dickies work clothes. If you're in/around the city, head on down to 40th street in Sunset Park and go check it out.

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