Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boot Week - Day 666 - Kim Boyle

at least day 6. or the 6th pair of boots to be featured. featured....what does that even mean? featured on my blog? ......pretty big deal. wow. famous feet now....jeez, who do I even think I am?

OK, before scrolling down, click the link below and watch the video.

and onto the boots.

Model: Chippewa 27872

"7" steel toed engineer boot.

I bought these almost exactly 5 years ago for EDR1 and immediately pulled out the angle grinder and slanted the heel like a motocross boot, I hate heels hanging up on pegs."

"The break in period was almost nothing and after seeing a good amount miles, never been remotely babied. they've held up well."

"I really miss having Matt around here in socal."

thanks Kim!

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