Monday, January 24, 2011

Boot Week - Day 1 - Jake Hobbs

Boots are an important article. Whether being worn for work, for play, on a motorcycle or just out for a beer, one thing is true; A great pair of boots will never let you down.

Especially after they break in. They may fight you at first, leaving you in pain as the tough leather fights its way against reshaping to YOUR feet, ankles, legs, but once they get the attention they need, they will be with you for a long time. And not to mention, with proper servicing, their life can last a long time

For installment #1, I hit up Jake Hobbs, or Hollywood as he is affectionately known to his Bolts Action brothers. Enjoy.

words and pics courtesy of Mr. Hobbs:

Model: Red Wing 4321

"I wanted to find a boot I could wear everyday. Something that could breathe in 110 degree Phoenix weather and keep my feet warm in Salt Lake Winters. This was also the only boot that Red Wing was offering in black with the Moc silhouette at the time."

"They are by far the most comfortable thing I have ever put on my feet. I have re-soled them twice and will continue to until the upper is dead. They have been everywhere with me and haven't skipped a beat. They've survived a Mexican beating on multiple occasions, and 200 miles of constant rain through the state of Nevada. The go to piece in my closet for sure."

"Red Wings for life"


CPB said...

P.S. They're made in the USA! Bdest thing about em'!!!

theoldepro said...

i believe that this model was not made in the US though....but to no fault of the owner. he is the man in black and these were the only model in black when he bought these. its safe to say Jake was one of the earlier adopters to Red Wing