Saturday, June 5, 2010


busy/late one the other night. I stole this picture from Kim's post all about it. Go there, read it. Fueled by an amazing GnR playlist, we got it dialed.

a few things to note:
1. I still need to clean up all the welds on the front pipe.
2. The final angle is also a *bit* off, but dealable for now.
c. The rear pipe, well, I'm super stoked on how this one came out. and it only took about 1/5th of the time as the long front pipe.
4. Big thanks to Chris, Kim, and Pat for helping out big time on this one. I think that my "git 'er e. done as quick as possible" technique is starting to wear thin at the shop, but they know me by now.
f. Pat and Kim's super late night bracket whip up was amazing.
7. and Chris, seriously, huge thanks for the help with all that whacky welding that I had you do.
Kim has a good snapshot of the time it took here: photo strip time lapse

ALSO, check out the amazing pipes that Chris built for Annies bike. ....upsweeps, hmmm....haha.

I'll give more info about the pipes once I finish them up and post more pics.

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BCM said...

I give you a thumbs up & a pat on the ass.