Thursday, June 17, 2010

shovels heads rockers covers

this shovel project is really getting underway. Picked up the set of rocker covers that morelands swapped for me since one of my original ones was cracked straight thru. Problem was that these were in need of some old chrome remnant removal on one and some major polishing on both. So to work it was.

This is what I started with:

First, headed over to the soft stone to heat up and chip off the chrome pieces that remained. After that, went to the small polishing wheel to get some major scratches worked out:

Then, over to the big polishing wheel to get a good work out and get these things nice and shiny:

After a little bit, I started losing some definition along the top of the covers, so I asked Pat if he could give me a hand with the trusty air tool to go along the corner of the rocker to get that nice edge back:

After that, I then used Kim's trusty drill with the sandpaper wheels to clean up the inside parts of the covers. I took it easy here, just got rid of the years of gross soot that had collected.

Back to the big wheel for some more 'rastlin':

and finally, viola, some nicely polished shovel head rocker covers. These cast parts were pretty pitted so they still have some surface imperfections that will remain. Just part of the 'soul' I guess:

could they have been done better, for sure. I probably could have spent another few hours with them, BUT its all about function. well, looking good and function, but probably still 1) inexpensive, 2)functional, 3)look good, 4)quick (not actual mph speed).

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