Thursday, June 17, 2010

cleaned up and prepped

this morning we headed to the shop with some new bins to do some cleaning and organizing. Our area in the back was starting to get a bit messy and we were in need of getting our shit in order. After about 2 hours of dumping parts out of crates, cardboard boxes and buckets, we had given everything that was going to stay a proper home, made a good pile for the swap meet next weekend, AND added to the dumpster's trash collection. Some true chopper gold was tossed into that dumpster.

(I think I saw Chris just toss a few OG panhead cases and maybe a VL springer as well.....who needs that old shit anyway.........just kidding)

after that, Chris started the tear down of Annie's bike to prep the tank and fender for paint and the pipes for Chrome/Nickel plating. Here he is on the current favorite wheel at the shop, the big natural stone. Its like the miracle wheel for cleaning up welds and removing any blueing or discoloration from parts.

unfortunately, it can also be a bear to work with and along with its siamese partner in crime, the polishing wheel has been known to pull parts right out of your hands and send them on a voyage around the room.

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Chris said...

Thanks for the bins its much nicer now for sure!