Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ghost wood

Last weekend, Leigh Anne did the flowers for a wedding out in Palm Springs. It was a great excuse for us to make a little extended weekend trip and prepping everything was super fun.

The super awesome couple wanted to incorporate succulents and natural elements into the tables and I was able to help Leigh get the pieces worked out.

She bought a huge box of pieces of ghost wood which looks similar to manzanilla without the full on tree. From there, I took my trust drill and added depth to some of the natural knots and holes in order for her to add soil and re-plant the succulents into the wood.

finished pieces with the holes enlarged/drilled out

Leigh Anne positions them to see which way they sit best

this one didn't need that much extra drilling

one of the finished pieces all mocked up

this guy looked like an alligator of some sort. wood is good.

if you're ever in need of any florals for weddings or events, I encourage you to hit Leigh Anne up. Check out her stuff here and here .


Chris said...

those are really nice!!!!

Chris said...

Nice, I have a flowershop aswell!