Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the no more motorcycles post

It has been pointed out to me that "all I ever post about is motorcycle stuff" so this week's posts are dedicated to things other than motorcycles. For example, today I am posting some updated pictures of the sportster and .... wait errrr.....

I could have cleaned it before I took the photos, but I just wanted to take a few pics and post them. the rust on the pipes can go away temporarily with a scotch brite pad, but I just didn't do it. The dust could have been removed from the frame, and my finger prints could TOTALLY have been buffed off the tank.

BUT this post isn't about motorcycles. It's about that cinder block wall that I like to shoot pictures in front of. nice wall, isn't it?

I think that one of my favorite parts of this bike right now is this rear pipe support bracket. Started with a piece of flat stainless and cut, bent, and ground away to shape it. It was fun to make. and I believe that everyone had their input and hands on it at some point to help out. It's the little things...but again, this post is totally not about motorcycles.

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