Thursday, May 27, 2010


or at least front sprocket cover choppin'.

Started with the stock cover and cut along the top rib seen below, but added a nice slightly swooping curved shape to it. Took the grinder and rounded out along the top bolt mount, and then went at it in the blast cabinet.

Next, I headed over to the 2 polishing wheel station where we start with the small wheel to work out any scratches and really dig into the surface and then move onto the big wheel to get that mirror-y (ish) shine going.

After that, I decided to mask off some stripes that I will also follow through onto the cam cover when that gets chopped next week. Its a small detail that we were throwing around ideas for at the shop today and I thought that some masking then blasting might get the effect.

Kim opened the side of the sand blasting cabinet to make sure I was holding the cover in the right direction and then sealed that puppy up (can't see through our cabinet's window). Some of the masking tape ripped up on my second pass, destroying my 3rd stripe, but you can see where I ended at today.

Had to throw it all back together today, but once the cam cover gets its nip/tuck, the stripes will be done on both and line up nicely and add a great little detail to the bike.


Joe said...

Cool idea. Looks nice.

Anonymous said...
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