Friday, May 1, 2009

fender mayhem

Chris and I have been chatting about some rear fender stuff and I know he's been working on his sporty, giving the panhead a break for a change, and he sent me some great inspiration pictures of swingarm bikes with cool fenders. After seeing T-Bone's 73 Shovelhead, I've been digging the look of the skinny rear fender look. And his looks amazing with the swingarm in place.

I got this little rear fender (actually was my front) mocked up on my bike in the garage. its the look I want, super skinny. looks a little strange to me because my frame is so wide at the shock mounts, but i think it'll be a good little mod until I decide if i'm gonna just go for the full hard tail conversion....and in this economy who can just drop in on.......(you know...)

a few hits with the grinder should take care of those frame struts and then I'll have to make a sissy bar/fender strut from my rear axle. sounds like this could take some thought.

your thoughts?


Saul Goode said...

shit looks wicked to me man.....LETS RIDE

Stone said...

Cut that shit short and get it on!

LandMan said...

you guys are gettin' me stoked!