Tuesday, May 5, 2009

motorcycles on the brain

is there a 'perfect' bike?

man, there's some good deals to be had out there on good ole craigslist right now. BUT, I can't really have a project bike AND a working reliable bike. I've been toying with the idea of just selling the 06 rubbermount sporty and finding a '90-2002ish sportster to just go full weld on hardtail, OR better yet find one that someone has already done that to.....(there's a nice flyrite framed 2002 in san diego right now). then there's the option to get a 60's/70's XLCH that's been a rigid for years, but then suffer the wrath of 'not knowing if yer gonna get there...' Anyone who has owned 30-40 year old bikes knows that feeling and my Honda CB has left that sour note for me.

So, I snapped some vanity shots of my bike for the purpose of posting the bike for sale on craigslist to raise the funds, or sell it for more than I would spend on an older sporty that was easier to mod and after reviewing them, I just love my bike.....the weld on kits cause for a shitload of work afterwards on the rubbermounts, but I have a feeling that in a few years, someone will figure out how to do it a bit more easily and show me how they did it.

my task is how to make a bike that has the swingarm look/feel as cool as I want it to be, and to be stoked every time i go to take her out for a spin whether it be my 45 mile commute to work, getting some milk from the market or checking the waves...

as of current, this is where where she stands right now, pretty lean, kinda mean, and reliable as hell....

70's dirt bike inspired street tracker nerd dealio

and from the rear


CPB said...

Perfect bike???

I think Jer nailed it the other day when we were checking out the paint shop. I said "If I hate this paint color I'll just repaint it next year". Jer replied with "Next year you'll be building a new bike".

Totally true!
I'm not even done with my bike and I am already thinking about bike build #2 for next year.

So I would suggest. Keeping the orange whip and save some bucks for the coming fall/winter for bike #2.

Stone said...

The "Perfect Bike" = 92-94 HD FXR. Fast as hell, handles like a Sporty, tours like a bagger, so ugly that no one will mess with it, and when that rare someone "gets it", it's because they, too, know that everything else is bullshit.
But for those of us who can't find the right deal on this elusive beauty, CPB is right... just keep building another.

dab00b said...

loving your bikes man. what kind of seat do you have on this roadster?? i really dig the size and the extra bit of lip at the back.

theoldepro said...

hey daboob.....thanks for the comment. the seat I used on this bike was a West Eagle long slim seat. they have a bunch of models of seats, but the long slim is the way to go. Its a bit wide for some frames, but it has a great kick in the back that makes up for it.