Monday, May 4, 2009

It was a good weekend!

Saturday, Leigh and I did some babysitting for Jess and Trav's baby, little Lyla. She's only 8 or 9 months old (I think) so definitely still a baby, but kinda human-ish. Tons of great baby farts were going down after we fed her each time, so that made me laugh. And who knew that infants liked beer and rollercoasters that much? I had no idea!

Playing in the back yard

Then, on Sunday headed to Hernandez Hideaway for Dustin's homecoming. well its just a short visit, but we had to head to the spot and just cruise for a bit. It was a good turnout with Carter, Jordan, Dustin, and Dustin's sister and brother in law Brianne and Nic. (i'll double check the spelling of her name)

Jordan and I, ready for margaritas

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