Monday, May 11, 2009

picture this

so, after a few great days in Rhode Island, I'm back in Italy. Definitely a mellower flight from the east coast to Europe, cutting the 5 extra hours of flight time across the USA helps.

Got to the office here in Pozzoleone around 3pm, stayed till 6 and then headed to the town of Bassano del Grappa where my hotel is. Chad and I hit the streets, got an appertif and some pizza and beers.

Walking down the cobble stone streets I couldn't help but notice everyone staring at me and chad says to me "well, look at you.....Vans, tight black jeans, black tshirt, a mint green hoodie, 80's Tony Hawk haircut and a mesh cap. You're either American or Japanese and I think they figured out which one..."

nailed it on the head. I guess I stick out here.

I'll be taking some pictures with the iphone today after work hopefully. I left my digi cam home again this trip so I'll be relying on my phone which works pretty well for quick pics but never really captures how beautiful it is here.

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