Monday, August 27, 2012

saturday xyzal light mounting day

got to the shop early saturday morning to help Jimmy Dean with his cracked '78 Triumph OIF Frame.  I have pics somewhere, I'll post them soon.  Just a simple clean and weld of the frame in the seat loop area.  As usual about 30 minutes of prep time and disassembly, 10 minutes of actual welding, 20 minutes of cleaning up and another hour of hanging out!

After that, I finally got to making a bracket for my license plate and the Xyzal tail light I made a while back.  A year ago to be exact.  A friggen YEAR ago?  wtf!   Up to this day, I've been using the $4.99 band-aid brake light from autozone and have been zip tieing that and my license plate to the sis'.

Started with some stainless plate.  Measured twice and marked the correct holes ignoring the marks that were off after the first re-measure.  Tacked into place, took the bar off and finished the welding onto the stainless sissy bar.  Then, the fun started.  cutting, notching and rewelding the center light mount so that the light would be parallel to the ground while keeping the outer two holes parallel to the sissy bar for the license plate frame.  Worked out well in the end.  Lots of welding, cleaning, grinding, filling, grinding, etc....

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