Monday, August 27, 2012

Brakey Stayey ?

Had a great ride to Bar Matchless tonight.  The humidity even felt fine after the sunset.  Good times, great people and an amazing finish to the Moto GP race.

Bike ran amazing.  Problems are solved.  The last thing that I did was resolder my hot connection to my keyswitch from the battery.  I noticed that the old connector let the wire move around too much at the contact point.  well, everything was perfe....until my rear brake stay mount thingey snapped where it connected to the caliper.  No worries.  It will be replaced with a simple stainless piece.  At least my welds held up and it was the bung end that snapped.

NYC should really be the proving grounds for all bike fab work.  If your tank mounts don't rattle and crack from the cobble stone and your sissy bar doesn't come apart at the fender from the 18 wheeler divets on the highways, then you're good to go anywhere.

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