Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the key to a good joke is...


yep, I've heard that one a lot.  I rode over to Keino's shop to talk about my issues a little bit.  What started off as a 10 minute conversation about life and why I am the way I am, it eventually moved on to talking about motorcycles.  Wait, what?  no, he's not my shrink!

So after talking about random bike things he ended with me getting a lesson in timing with points......properly.  We worked, we laughed, we swapped some spark plugs, he showed me about advancing the weights while static timing and also adjusting everything at full advance on the fly wheels.......and he gave me the age old question......"well, did you READ the manual?"

I believe my answer was "I tried?" We laughed some more.

Thanks for being a friend and a Wizard.  the bike rolled away sounding perfect.

I still plan on changing my battery, and hopefully all will be well in time for the Gypsy Run.

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