Thursday, August 16, 2012

not quite S.O.S., but help

keep chasing my tail.  motorcycles....ugh.....

Bike was running fine.  BUT on the highway once warm, started BOOM, POP, Bang, and missing.....so I'd let off the throttle, it helped a little bit.  Once I slowed down to a stop, stall.....kickstand down, starts right back up.

Today, I adjusted the valves and regapped the points, and then starting was super tough.  I thought the issue was the timing, but I'm just not sure.

Then I just checked my battery voltage and its down to 9.5 volts when the lights are on (bike not started).  Around 10.5 when the lights are off.  so its back on the trickle charger for the night.

BUT what the hell is causing the cutting out?  I was using Resistor spark plugs, but i'll get some non-resistor ones to try out as well.

so many possibilities.  as you can tell............i'm at wits end.

feel free to hit me up.

lots of love and heart broken,



t said...

Sounds like generator is not charging or the regulator is bad

theoldepro said...

thanks for hitting me up Troy! I checked everything, and I'm pretty sure it was a combination platter of battery, timing and loose wires at my keyswitch!