Friday, June 24, 2011

SoCal Week - Day 5 - really, day 5 already?

it was an interesting day...I did get to have lunch with Dustin over here at my guest domicile which was great. Always check out what he has going on over here.

I also was able to get Rico's for dinner (for the second night in a row!). While last night I did opt for the Justin Burrito, tonight I kept it simple with the Carnitas. Never fails......always so good.

With the bike, decided to make a last minute bar change. Kim was able to work some magic and whip up these square window bars and I'm diggin' them. I also got a few other new goodies for the bike, finished the wiring completely and it will be dropped off tomorrow morning for its tune up. Born Free? Yes, indeed.

and I definitely know that the master cylinder on the handlebars has got to go. Fully agreed, its what we have for now, so it will work. Don't worry, there will be a much nicer/sleeker unit there eventually.

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