Monday, June 13, 2011

Rob is a good man.....

not unlike other random saturdays, I stopped by Rob Goodman's apartment in Brooklyn to catch up, grab a beer and a Vietnamese sandwich and talk art/music/books/movies a few weeks ago and caught him deep in thought working on a project for ADA, Alternative Distribution Alliance.

When Rob isn't talking about digital media and how it will save the publishing world, he is cranking away on his art projects for corporate clients such as Warner Bros, Sony, Columbia Records, or bands like Ben Folds, Guster, Modest Mouse or Ray LaMontagne just to name a few.

go to his website and check out his portfolios and feel free to reach out to him for the next time you need something artsy. and yes, he even makes nice little illustrations for backyard bbq's.

here is the final print:

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Chris said...

Wow thats Great work!