Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SoCal Week - Day 2 - Encinitas/Cardiff

Woke up at 6am and headed directly to Swami's for some surfing. It was great to get back in the glassy calm waters and slide a few waves.

got to hang out with Bentley, Rex and Ruby, which was fun. Chris and Duke moved into their new mid century modern home and the first round of renos went really well. This house is pretty much all windows facing the ocean. great stuff!

But more importantly, look at how cute that Bentley dog is....come on.....

got my first California Burrito of the trip from Juanitas.

fabricated and mounted the shift arm for the shovel.

connected all the oil lines.

welded the mounts for the sissy bar

Also met up with Kim and we did it up like the old times......driving around North County searching for things that we just can't find.....

all in all, a good day. more running around, making things, surfing and burritos tomorrow.

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