Monday, March 7, 2011

Under the BQE

my original plan was to ride into Manhattan, visit Allan at Self Edge and then go 'cd' shopping to find the full length Uffie album 'Sex, Dreams, and Denim Jeans' as my mission for the day. Just something to do. But Allan is no longer working there and is now over here at Nutty Rice only on weekdays (congrats on getting weekends back!!!!) and the sky started to look unhappy.

So instead I rode around Brooklyn to enjoy the 40+ degree weather. Hit up Frankels in Sunset Park, Music Matters in Park Slope, and then just rolled around Gowanus and Red Hook making noise. It's always interesting how different the streets look and are accessible on powered 2 wheel vehicle vs riding my bicycle or walking.

The shorter excursion turned out to be OK, since I got a call from some of the boys, headed to the deli, grabbed some 40's of Colt 45 and started our night at 6PM. Happy Birthday Comp!

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motoguru. said...

What happened to all of the snow?