Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kickstart Cycle Supply is saving Japan

There are two types of people that I have met through motorcycles. People that know Walter and people that don't. honestly, that's about it.....if you've gone on any of the bigger runs, or been to an event east coast or west, you've probably seen (heard) him. If he likes you, then you're all set. you are golden. if he doesn't like you, you're screwed. If he's not sure what to think of you, he will tell you, and then the ball is in your court.

He's doing the right thing and has made some limited t-shirts to help the global relief for Japan. As you know, they are in a state of ruin right now and honestly every little bit helps.
check out what you can do to help right here.

He just moved his Kickstart Cycle Supply shop to a new location in South Hackensack. Its a great location for him compared to the old barn especially since the new spot has indoor plumbing and a toilet! (even if Billy Joel isn't too keen on the town...) Saturday brought me over there to catch up with Walter and co. crap iphone pics to follow.

Walter is to shovel heads like the Japanese are to knuckle heads. He has more of those 70's and early 80's motors and bikes than I've seen at Moreland choppers. If you need work done on your bike and live in the NY/NJ area, give him a call. Oh, and in Walter's words...."don't be an asshole, buy one of the Japan t-shirts..."

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